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Loans are made to institutions not individuals. Loan correspondence shall originate from an official representative of the borrowing institution and responses will be made to that individual. The borrowing institution must have facilities to properly house and care for museum objects. All requests should be made in writing, on institutional letterhead, or via institutional e-mail, and should include a brief statement describing the proposed use of the material. Loan requests should be directed to the Collections Manager and are subject to curatorial approval.

Loans are made for a six-month period. The MSU Museum does not issue permanent or indefinite loans. Certain categories of artifacts are never loaned; these include rare, fragile, unique, artifacts and type specimens.

Terms for Outgoing Loans from MSU Museum

By accepting the objects/specimens on loan from MSU Museum the borrower agrees to the following conditions:

Representative and Correspondence

  1. Loans are made to institutions, not to individuals. Loan correspondence shall originate from an official representative of the borrowing institution and responses will be made to this individual. Loan correspondence must be in written form. (Fax and printed E-Mail requests are acceptable.)

Care and Handling

  1. Each object/specimen shall remain in the condition in which it is received.
  2. Michigan State University Museum numbers or tags must not be removed.
  3. No object/specimen shall be cleaned, repaired, retouched, altered, removed from mats, mounts or bases, dissected, frozen, fumigated, altered by destructive sampling, or changed in any way whatsoever without the express written permission of Michigan State University Museum.
  4. Objects/specimens shall at all times be stored or exhibited as requested by Michigan State University Museum collections managers. No foreign materials (i.e. pins, nails, etc.) are to be used to fasten an object for exhibition purposes. Each object/specimen shall at all times be given special care to insure it against loss, damage, or deterioration. Objects/specimens shall be properly protected from the damage of fading by exposure to direct or reflected sunlight and strong artificial light, fluorescent light or proximity to heat sources. Objects/specimens shall be protected at all times against water damage, temperature and humidity fluctuations, as well as excessively dry conditions. The borrower shall provide suitable protection against theft, fire, and damage from any cause whatever at all times. Should loss, damage, or deterioration be noted, whether in transit or on the borrower's premises, the Curator or Collections Manager of the Michigan State University Museum shall be notified immediately with full details. Should damage occur in transit all packing material should be saved for inspection.
  5. Special permission must be obtained for use of objects/specimens in outdoor exhibitions.

Packing and Shipping

  1. Objects/specimens should be returned in the original container, carefully packed in the same manner as received. Michigan State University Museum reserves the right to request a carrier and give binding instructions to borrowers regarding packing and shipping.
  2. All Type specimens borrowed from Michigan State University Museum must be transported by in person by a representative of the borrowing institution. Other materials may also require hand delivery.


  1. Transportation and insurance costs to the borrowing institution are to be arranged in advance. Michigan State University Museum requires a lending fee for the loan of objects/specimens in some instances.
  2. Each object/specimen shall be insured at the borrower's expense for the benefit of Michigan State University Museum against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause while in transit and on location during the period of the loan. Required insurance shall be arranged by the borrower before any objects/specimens covered by this receipt may be removed from the Museum. The objects/specimens shall be covered while in transit and while in possession of borrower by the amount set forth under the column "Insurance Value" on the reverse side of this form, which amount shall be considered the actual value (whether market, intrinsic or otherwise) of said objects/specimens for all purposes. If specifically requested, the borrower shall supply Michigan State University Museum, before shipment, with a certificate of insurance of conformance with the foregoing terms.

Loan Period

  1. If an extension of time is desired on the loan, application must be made in writing, within a reasonable time before the end of the period noted overleaf. Extensions, if granted, must be noted on this receipt. Michigan State University Museum reserves the right to recall any object/specimen from the borrower.

Photography, Copyright and Credit

  1. The borrower may photograph the objects/specimens only for record, publicity, and scientific purposes. Photographs required for an exhibition catalog may be available from Michigan State University Museum. Paintings and drawings must not be removed from their frames for photography. Borrower may not reproduce objects/specimens in any medium (including photographs and casts) for purpose of sale.
  2. The borrower agrees that ownership of copyright is reserved to Michigan State University Museum, and that it will make no reproduction or other use of the copyrighted object/specimen which violates the copyright, and that it will assign to Michigan State University Museum the copyright of any reproduction, unless otherwise advised.
  3. Information about objects/specimens used in catalogs, labels, publications, or publicity shall conform to data furnished by Michigan State University Museum and shall always include the credit line provided by Michigan State University Museum. Michigan State University Museum curators must be notified of any inaccuracies in data associated with objects/specimens.