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Through January 28, 2011

Image of A WORLD OF MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS ExhibitFor over three decades, Ron Carver has been a labor organizer, cultural worker, and social activist. As a staff person for both the United Electrical Workers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and as an independent labor consultant, Carver has travelled the world working on campaigns for human dignity and justice. As the Executive Director of Public Domain, Carver used his organizing skills and his love of the art of worker artist Ralph Fasanella in a tireless effort to permanently place Fasanella's paintings of working class communities and workers struggles into public spaces (including the U.S. Capitol Building, the Ellis Island Museum, and the MSU Museum).

While travelling the world, Carver has taken along his camera and documented the condition and dignity of workers. In many cases, his photos of workers included family members. For this exhibit, Carver has chosen a group of photographs which especially focus on the special bonds between mothers and daughters. This first exhibit of Ron Carver's photography explores how the camera can capture generations of women across a diversity of nations, occupations, races and ages.

Many programs at MSU this year examine the theme of work, community, and the human condition through the lens of the arts. Learn more: http://artsandculture.msu.edu/about/focus.aspx.

Of special interest, Friday, Dec. 3, 12:15 - 1:30 p.m., MSU Museum Auditorium:
Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives Brown Bag Lecture: "Bringing Workers Culture to a Broader Audience: Painter Ralph Fasanella and the Public Domain Project," Ron Carver, Executive Director, Public Domain