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Destructive Sampling Policy

Michigan State University Museum welcomes the use of its collections for scholarly research. However, to ensure that the needs of both present and future users are provided for, the following guidelines have been established for destructive sampling:

1. All proposals for research involving destructive sampling of specimens or objects must be in written form. Postal mail, e-mail, and FAX proposals are acceptable.

2. The proposal should include the following information:

a. An outline of the study plan with a clear statement of purpose, methods, and significance of proposed project to the discipline.
b. A description of the material requested.
c. A justification for using destructive sampling.
d. Evidence of expertise in the technique(s) to be used.
e. A description of the facility where the research is to take place. (A letter of support must be provided from the institution if the investigator is not directly affiliated with that organization).

3. The Curator and Collections Manager will jointly evaluate proposals and select specimens or objects for destructive sampling. The following criteria will be considered in evaluating each request:

a. Scholarly merit of proposed research.
b. Availability of requested items.
c. Nature of the material.
d. Proposed methods.
e. Potential for compromising the specimen or object for future use.



4. The applicant agrees to

a. Pay for any special express shipments.
b. Label and return to the MSU Museum any remaining parts of the sample, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
c. Provide duplicates of tangible products (e.g. slides, SEM photographs).
d. Use the samples only for the study outlined in the original written request.
e. Adhere to our standard Loan Policy.