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Michigan Barns: Timber-framed, Plank and Polebarn

July, 2003
Heritage Hall

Image of Michigan Barns: Timber-framed, Plank and Polebarn ExhibitAn exhibition in Heritage Hall will show a progression of barn types in Michigan over the past three centuries. The exhibit begins with photos and models of massive timber-framed barns that were designed for general usage, including storage of feed crops, housing for livestock and storage of farm machinery. Barn designs then progressed through plank-framed barns, "balloon" framing using two-by-fours, to modern barns using such techniques as pole construction and metal siding. Many of the tools used in barn building will be shown along with scale model barns that were made at Michigan State College in the 1930s for the instruction of agricultural engineering students. Heritage Hall features a continuing series of exhibits centering on agricultural heritage and MSU