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On Equal Terms


Feb. 5 - May 12, 2012

New: Main Gallery

On Equal Terms combines realistic and fanciful works of art with personal testimonies to bring viewers into the experience of women who work in the construction industry.

Federal policy changes in 1978 opened construction jobs and apprenticeship programs to women, with projections that women would make up 25 percent of the workforce. After more than three decades, women still hold less than 3% of building trades jobs. Questions raised by that discrepancy inspired the art installation.

Susan Eisenberg ( is a multidisciplinary artist, poet, electrician, and author of Weʼll Call You If We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction. She is a Resident Artist/Scholar at the Womenʼs Studies 
Research Center at Brandeis University. 

Be advised: exhibit contains strong language and graphics. 

A closing reception is set for the MSU Museum exhibition, "On Equal Terms: A Mixed-Media Installation by Susan Eisenberg," on Sunday, May 13, 2-3:30 p.m.

"On Equal Terms" demonstrates the successful intersection of work and family life for tradeswomen -- and aptly enough, the closing reception is planned in honor of Mother's Day and the millions of working mothers across the nation. Speakers for the reception include Susan Eisenberg and Joe Davis, international representative of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 
Listen to a Q&A with Susan Eisenberg on WKAR radio.