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Classroom Teaching Kits

Classroom kits may be borrowed by K-12 teachers. Some kits require training before use. Please contact us for more information.

Kits ready for loan

  • Dinosaurs (K-Grade 2, science)
  • Growing Up Digital (K-Grade 5)
  • Michigan mammal skulls kit (Grade 6-12, science)

  • Clipbirds Natural Selection Simulation (Grades 9-12, biology)
  • Hominin Lab (Grades 9-12, biology)

  • Primate Lab (Grades 9-12, biology)
  • What are Civil Rights? (Grade 8, U.S. history)
  • What are Civil Rights? (High school, U.S. history - Reconstruction to present)

Kits in development

  • Ice Age Mammals (K-Grade 3, science)
  • Fur Trade Adventure (Grade 3, social studies)
  • Fossils (Middle school, science)
  • Ancient Tools (Middle school, social studies)