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The "Sisters of the Great Lakes" exhibition and catalogue were made possible by the financial and in-kind support of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the Michigan State University Museum, the Nokomis Learning Center, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the MSU Native American Institute, and the Elizabeth Halsted Lifelong Education Endowment.

The Nokomis Learning Center, located in Okemos, Michigan, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the culture and tradition of the People of the Three Fires (Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibwa). The Nokomis Learning Center offers exhibitions, educational programs, special events, and publications. For more information, please call 517/349-5777 or go to http://www.nokomis.org/

The Michigan State University Museum was founded in 1857 and is one of Michigan's most popular natural and cultural history museums. For information about tours, classes, family activities, and the Michigan State University Associates, please call 517/355-2370 or go to http://museum.msu.edu/

The exhibit, "Sisters of the Great Lakes: Art of American Indian Women" was developed by the Michigan State University Museum and the Nokomis Learning Center in partnership with the artists involved.

The development of the initial "Transcending Boundaries" workshops and the subsequent "Sisters of the Great Lakes" exhibition and catalogue was supported by the following individuals and organizations:

Project Director:
Janice Reed

Project Assistant Directors:
Marsha MacDowell and Cameron Wood

Project Coordinator:
Kayle Crampton

Advisory Committee Members:
Anna Crampton, Deborah Galvan, Valorie Johnson, and Mike Petoskey

Photographer (unless otherwise noted):
Douglas Elbinger

Workshop Presenters:
Vicki Copenhaver (Eiteljorg Museum), Ruth Fitzgerald (Michigan State University Museum), Clara Sue Kidwell (National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution), Trudy Nicks (Royal Ontario Museum), Alanis Obomsawin (Canadian Film Board Member), and Lori Lea Pourier (Atlatl board member)

Publication and Graphics System Designer:
Cynthia Lounsbery

Exhibit Designer:
Frances Vincent

Exhibit Case Fabrication:
Omnitec of Lansing, Michigan

Electronic Imaging/Color Separation:
Blue Pencil Creative Group, Ltd., Mason, Michigan

Publication Printing/Binding:
Lawson Printers, Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan

Collection Management Staff:
Melanie Atkinson, LaNeysa Harris-Featherstone, Frances Vincent, and Lynne Swanson

Publication Editor/Production Coordinator:
Ruth D. Fitzgerald and Kristan Tetens

Web Site Design:
Originally by Michele Beltran and then modified by Sunny Wang

Many other individuals and organizations were instrumental to this project and deserve recognition for their contributions to this project. The Nokomis Learning Center Board of Directors, MSU Museum Board of Directors, the MSU Museum Development Council, and the Lansing North American Indian Center are to be recognized for their support. C. Kurt Dewhurst, George Cornell, Judy DeJaegher, Francie Freese, Rosanne Jekot, Terry Hanson, John Crampton, Marclay Crampton, Jean Johnson, Norma Rich, and Andy Chingman deserve special recognition for their time and effort in this project. Family members and friends of artists and staff also helped in many ways. To all of them we say Megwetch.