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Image of Marx Brothers During the Depression, many Michiganders and Americans escaped the hard reality of daily life at the movies. Chico, Zeppo and Harpo, and Gummo Marx made zany movies that poked fun at society, the pretensions of the rich, social practices, language, and each other while affirming common folk and delivering happy endings.
This image is from Day of the Circus (1932). Other Marx Brothers movies include Duck Soup (1933), Monkey Business (1931), and Animal Crackers (1930).
Marx Brothers
Courtesy Kenneth Waltzer. Day of the Circus, 1932.
Image of Lauren Bacall Born Betty Joan Perske to William Perske and Natalie Weinstein Perske in the Bronx, Lauren Bacall burst on the scene with To Have and Have Not to ocntinue in a long and rich movie career.
Lauren Bacall  
  Image of Lauren Bacall At Home
  Lauren Bacall At Home