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Grace Krause

MSU Museum Graduate Student EmployeeImage of Grace Krause in the General Store exhibit
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate

Along with completing a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from The University of Chicago, Grace Krause has been working in museums for over a decade including The Field Museum and The Oriental Institute in Chicago. Highlights from her work at The Field Museum include working with the Kish Project which was an international partnership among scholars from the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad, the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and The Field Museum. 

She began volunteering as a docent at the MSU Museum in 2011, and she has worked at the MSU Museum Store since 2012. In addition, she welcomes visitors at the new reception desk, and she was the coordinator of the Human Ancestors program at the MSU Museum which was created to supplement middle school social studies curricula with hands-on activities. During the summer, she has participated in archeological fieldwork in New Orleans. Her favorite exhibit at the MSU Museum is the General Store exhibit as it fits into the historical time period of her research.

Grace is also the chair of the Mid-Michigan Graduate Women in Science Mentoring Program, and she enjoys gardening. She plans to complete her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Michigan State University in fall semester 2018.


Photography Credit:
Pearl Yee Wong