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Drinking the Word of God



All people seek health, happiness and prosperity in their lives. However the means for achieving this varies from culture to culture. 'Drinking the Word of God' considers this subject in the West African towns of Zinder and Bondoukou. In these communities, people express their faith in God and His powers to assist in the pursuit of a 'good life' in many ways. The knowledge of the Qur'an and its teachings -- learning to recite and write the 'words of God' -- is a particularly effective means for pursuing spiritual and physical well-being.

The Production of Writing Water

Here Malam Amadou Adamou produces 'writing water' . . . click on any of the photographs to learn more about this process.


Religious Diversity in Two West African Communities

In West Africa, like the United States and other regions of the world, people maintain different beliefs. There are myriad ways in which these beliefs are manifest. The objects and photographs in this exhibition express a variety of local beliefs and practices in two West African towns, Zinder (Niger) and Bondoukou (Côte d'Ivoire). The traditions explored on the Web site are related to religious study and scholarship that are often used to express faith. Some are used by certain groups of people living in these communities as a means for eliciting spiritual assistance to ensure well-being in life and to cure illness. However, such beliefs and practices are not viewed in a positive light by everyone . . .

The Towns of Zinder and Bondoukou