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Cultural and Historical Collections

History and general description

The MSU Museum's cultural and historical holdings are the tangible--and sometimes the only--evidence of humankind's global presence over many millenia. Included are materials that are thousands of years old and those made recently; handmade and mass-produced items; cultural objects from around the world with a special emphasis on Michigan and the Great Lakes; and unique items and collections that cannot be found in any other repository in the world. Some are accompanied by extensive documentation and associated information; others are primary source materials that will enable scholarly research.


Support for cultural and historical collections care, conservation, and use is provided by Michigan State University, state and federal granting agencies, annual fundraisers, private donations, and several endowments, including the Val R. Berryman Endowment, Harriet Clarke Endowment, the Anne Longman Endowment, the Kitty Clark Cole Endowment, the Great Lakes Traditions Endowment, the Michigan Quilt Project Endowment, the Betty A. MacDowell/Michigan Stained Glass Endowment, and the Avery/Kimes/Stier History Endowment Fund.