Head with Two Ducks

after a mask from the Ivory Coast

Stop that incessant quacking,
and the quacking back.
Stop the flapping
and the slapping of feathers,
the yellow down always
floating down. Stop
the bill snapping open,
snapping shut, duck
cackling cracking
the frozen air. Go
find a pond, find
a lake, find
a paddling of ducks,
a gaggle of geese,
or better yet,
a rout of wolves,
an ambush of tigers.
Do not come back.
Find another nest
to preen your fluff on,
to drop your eggs in.
Take flight, take off,
take Prozac. Tuck
your happy yapper
under your wing.
Turn out the lights.
Don’t snore.

Honoring and in thanks to Irene McKinney

Image of Mask
        Ivory Coast, Africa, gift mask from Anita Skeen
        to Irene McKinney. Photo Anita Skeen.

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