Slide Show of Textiles

This sequence of slides West African Textiles features the textiles used in the exhibition, Threads of Change: the Transformation of West African Textiles. Through the text the viewer is introduced to points of social and historical context for these textiles.

The textiles from Mali illustrate three forms of Bogolanfini : traditional, commercial and contemporary fine art boglanfini. These categories are then used in describing various textiles from other West African countries. Bogolanfini is cloth made by dyeing with fermented mud.

Each textile is pictured twice, once with the accompanying explanation from the exhibit and once enlarged for viewing in the classroom.

Slide Show of Mali: photos of Mali and its people

These photos show the everyday life of Malians in larger cities as well as in villages. It is organized by city or village and notes are included for the teacher to use during instruction. The purpose of the PPT is to give a visual context to life in Mali. Notes for teachers accompany the title slide of each town and city. Photos can be used to stimulate discussion on the climate, weather, architecture and clothing in Mali, and draw similarities and differences between Mali and students’ lives.