Image of Gilles Perrin & Nicole Ewenczyk

Gilles Perrin

Born in 1947 in France, Gilles Perrin worked first as an advertising photographer before turning to documentary photography. Since 1989 he has traveled around the world to make portraits of people in the social documentary tradition. He works with a large format camera using black and white film. The human and emotional exchange with the people he photographs is essential to him. His work is regularly exhibited and published. Gilles taught photography at Paris VIII University for over 20 years, at Ecole de l’image des Gobelins in Paris and gives private courses. Egyptian women, Artisans d’art de Paris, Parcours sans titre–reportage at the closing of the coal mines in the North of France–are some of his monographs. A full range of his photographic work is on the web site Gilles Perrin, auteur-photographe

Nicole Ewenczyk

When Nicole Ewenczyk (born in 1949 in France) met Gilles Perrin, they decided to work as a team. Nicole is in charge of managing, organizing and supplying all reportages. She prepares the field trips, looks for local contacts and explores field opportunities. She is the first contact person for the subjects and gathers the testimonies of their lives. She wrote the text for Perrin’s monograph Artisans d’art de Paris and conducted the interviews for Detroit Resurgent.