Arjen van de Merwe
Gary Morgan

Arjen van de Merwe is a professional
photographer living in Blantyre, Malawi. He
has been working on a major publication
about the gule wamkulu, authored by Father
Claude Boucher.

Gary Morgan spent two years in Malawi,
working with Claude Boucher at the Kungoni
Center of Culture and Art.


The content of this exhibit is based on the research of Father
Claude Boucher, a Catholic priest and Missionary of Africa, who
has lived with the Chewa people and studied the ‘great dance’ for
40 years. Boucher is the author of a major publication on the gule
wamkulu, to be published in 2011.

Exhibit curator and author: Gary Morgan
Exhibit installation: Juan Alvarez and Sarah Spohn
Image consultant: Howard Bossen
Video: Gary Morgan
Digital development: Sunny Wang and Yudong Yi (Jason)
Masks courtesy of Doris Neilson and Gary Morgan

This exhibit was supported by the MSU African Studies

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