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Frequently Asked Questions About the Great Lakes Quilt Center

Are quilts currently on exhibit at the MSU Museum?
The MSU Museum is a natural and cultural history museum with strong collections and programs representing a number of disciplinary interests, including mammalogy, vertebrate paleontology, ornithology, history, anthropology, archaeology, art history, and folklife. The MSU Museum’s currently limited amount of gallery space is used to showcase all of these different subjects and collections, therefore it does not always have a quilt exhibit on view. Before planning a visit, be sure to check http://museum.msu.edu/?q=current for a listing of current exhibits.

Who is eligible to do research at the GLQC?
Anyone who has a legitimate need for use of the collections is welcome to make a research appointment.

How do I contact the GLQC to do research?
The MSU Museum/Great Lakes Quilt Center collections are available for on-site research by appointment only. The quilt-related ephemera, publications, oral histories, and other materials housed in the museum's archive and library for cultural collections are available to researchers by appointment on a room-use basis only. To schedule an appointment or to discuss a possible donation, contact Mary Worrall, Quilt Index Associate Director, at 517- 432-4118 or by email at worrall@msu.edu. Completing and sending an MTAP Research Request Form ahead of your visit will help staff better prepare for your visit.

When are appointments available?
Appointments with the GLQC are available Monday-Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.. It is advisable to contact the GLQC at least 2 weeks in advance of the date you wish to conduct research.

Can I conduct research in the collections area without an appointment?
No. You must make an appointment in advance to conduct research in the collections area.

Are there research fees for on-site appointments?
The museum reserves the right to charge a user fee of $25.00 per hour for direct staff assistance in excess of an hour when the research visit requires very personalized staff assistance. A photocopying machine and color computer printer are available on site for use by researchers; costs are typically 25 cents per page. Given the university’s directive that the museum become self-sufficient, this fee helps to underwrite the staffing necessary to provide access to collections.

What if I am unable to visit the collections myself? Can research be done for me?
Yes. Museum staff can do research on a limited basis for those who are unable to visit the collections in person. Photocopies of relevant materials will be made and mailed to the researcher. If the search takes less than one hour, there is no charge incurred for research time. If the search takes more than one hour, there is a research fee of $25.00 per hour of research time. The researcher will be charged 25 cents per photocopy. Additional fees apply for photographs. For a schedule of fees, go to http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/MTAPFee.pdf.

Can photocopies be made of archival items in the collections?
Yes, as long as staff determine that photocopying will not damage the particular item. In some cases, restrictions may apply. The researcher will be charged 25 cents per photocopy.

Are photographic reproductions available of museum objects?
Yes. Requests for photographic, audio, or video media can be made through Pearl Wong, Collections Coordinator, by phone at 517- 432-5107 or by email at wongpear@msu.edu. Image requests may also be made throught the mail. Fill out the Media Request form and send to Pearl Wong. For a schedule of fees, go to http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/MTAPFee.pdf.

Are other photographic services available?
Yes. Appointments for photography can be made through Pearl Wong, Collections Coordinator by phone at 517- 432-5107 or by email at wongpear@msu.edu. For a schedule of fees, go to http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/MTAPFee.pdf.

Are there restrictions on what I can bring into the collections area?
Yes. Researchers, per standard archival and museum collection practice, will be required to follow guidelines outlined in “Policies Governing Use of Materials” form
(see http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/MTAPpolicies.pdf). Researchers will be asked to read and sign the form when they arrive.

Where are the collections located?
The quilt collections are housed in the MSU Museum Cultural Collections Resource Center, Room 201, Central Services Building, located next to Spartan Stadium on the MSU campus. Enter the building from the east side and follow the posted signs. For a map, go to: http://museum.msu.edu/s%2Dprogram/mtap/Collections/Map.pdf.

Visitor parking for the Cultural Collections Resource Center in the Central Services building can be found in Lot 79 on the south side of Spartan Stadium.

Can the GLQC tell me how much quilts that I own are worth?
No. Due to ethical standards established by the American Association of Museums, museum staff members do not evaluate the monetary worth of objects. We recommend you consult with a certified appraiser. Go to the American Quilters Society for a list of certified appraisers.

How do I register my quilt with the Michigan Quilt Project?
Quilts can be registered with the Michigan Quilt Project during Quilt Discovery Days, by appointment with collections staff, or on your own. A MQP inventory form can be downloaded at http://museum.msu.edu/glqc/programs_mqp_register.html.

For a nominal fee of $15.00 per quilt, quilts can also be brought into the GLQC and be documented by GLQC staff. Simply make an appointment by contacting the Quilt Line at 517-432-3800 or by email at quilts@museum.msu.edu. The fee helps underwrite staff time.

Quilt Discovery Days are public events generally sponsored by local community organizations at which volunteers assist quilt owners in filling out Michigan Quilt Project Inventory forms, quilts are photographed, and stories and other materials associated with the quilts are collected. The information is then sent to the GLQC/MSUM where it is catalogued.

For information about sponsoring a Quilt Discovery Day, contact the Quilt Line at 517-432-3800 or by email at quilts@museum.msu.edu.

Will the MSU Museum provide a quilt label for my quilt? Can I get a copy of my MQP form and photograph?

MQP identification packets, available for $15.00 per quilt from the GLQC/MSUM, include a copy of your quilt’s inventory form, a computer printout of the MQP photograph of your quilt, and a fabric quilt label printed with the quilt’s MQP number and ready to be sewn on to the back of your quilt.

How can I donate a quilt to the GLQC?
If you have a quilt, quilt ephemera, or a quilt-related book you think you would like to donate, please contact Mary Worrall, Quilt Index Associate Director, at 517-432-4118 or by email at worrall@msu.edu. Staff will begin the discussions about possible donations with you by email and phone, but all potential donations must be reviewed and approved by the GLQC Collection Development Committee to make sure that the donations adhere to the GLQC collection development policy. It is helpful for staff to have Michigan Quilt Project Inventory forms completed prior to making decisions.

Because the GLQC/MSU Museum takes seriously its responsibility as a public steward for perpetual care of collections and because the resources (space, staff, supplies, etc.) for caring for collections are costly and limited, the MSU Museum must be selective about what it collects.

For more information about donating materials and to review the collection development policy, see http://museum.msu.edu/glqc/collections_developuse.html.


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