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North American Indian and Native Hawaiian Quilt Collection

Honor the First Nations
Pat Courtney Gold
Wasco, Warm Springs, Oregon
Cotton with polyester filling
69" x 85”
MSUM 1996:124.2
Photo by Doug Elbinger, all rights reseved by the Michigan State University Museum

Gold says of this quilt,

I wanted to do a quilt to represent various tribal entities throughout the United States. I could not include all nations, and it was hard picking the art forms on this quilt. Each block represents a different tribal art and/or region. I especially wanted to show respect for th elders in a block. I chose the clothing style during transition from the "traditional ways" to the "white man" ways. I felt this was a painful time in tribal history, and the strength of the generation was passed to us.

From To Honor and Comfort Native Quilting Traditions

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