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Mary Schafer Quilt and Ephemera Collection

Poppy Wreath
Mary Schafer
c. 1954
Flushing, Genesee County, MI
78” x 93”
MSUM# 1998:53.77
Photo by KEVA, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This appliquéd piece was Mary’s second quilt. It was made from a kit produced by the Progress Company. The design of a central medallion with a floral motif is very typical of a mid-century kit quilt. Typically, kit quilts such as this would have included numbered and pre-cut appliqué pieces, and the quilting lines would have been pre-marked with dots on the background fabric. Mary continued to use the method of using dots to mark quilting lines throughout her career.

On this instruction sheet, one can find the directions Mary would have followed to create her Poppy Wreath quilt.

At the Saginaw (Michigan) County Fair in1964, Mary won a Second Place Award for her Poppy Wreath quilt.

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