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Mary Schafer Quilt and Ephemera Collection

Whig Rose
Maker Unknown
92" x 92"
Cotton with cotton filling
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

"Whig Rose" is a common applique pattern. The Whigs, an American political party formed in 1834, is believed to be the source of the name of this very common applique pattern. Although by 1856 the party had been succeeded by the Republican Party, the "Whig Rose" pattern remained populart throughout the second half of the nineteenth century. Mary Schafer had strong interest in American history and the political implications of the pattern's name surely appealed to her; her collection contains three examples.

Mary had a strong interest in pursuing the history of each quilt she collected. When she purchased a quilt from an antique dealer, she inquired about provenance and often researched any tips she was given about the pieced. Mary's notes on this indicated that it was made in Greenfield, Massachusetts and that a bride then took it to the Phillipine Islands.

By Mary Worrall


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