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Quilts Made in Michigan

Maker unknown
Possibly, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
67” x 80”
MSUM 1999:52.1
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

In the "Reformed Church In America, Historical Directory, 1628 - 1965" there is a listing for Rev. Henry Darwin Ter Keurst. He was born in Hamilton, Michigan, March 19, 1893, received his AB from Hope College, Holland, Michigan in 1914, and his MA from University of Illinois in 1915. He attended Western Theological Seminary in 1918 but didn't actually receive his doctor of divinity degree until 1940 from Hope College. He was licensed by Classis Holland in 1918 and ordained in Classis Wisconsin in 1918. His pastorates are as follows: First Reformed Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1918 - 1927; Bethany Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1927 - 1930; Trinity Reformed Church, Holland, Michigan, 1930 - 1950. He died in Holland on November 9, 1950.

Over 200 names are embroidered onto the top, both inside the squares and along the borders, including "Rev. and Mrs. Henry Terkeurst." Many of the names are of Dutch origin. This suggests a church fundraiser. Other names on the quilt are:
Mrs. Mary Mies, Mrs. R. Prims, Mrs. Rene Koing, Mrs. L. Hand, Mrs. Adrian Brandt, Alice DeVries, Mrs. M. DeVries [hard to read]
Mrs. Cora Roelofs, Loraine Krickaard, Mrs. D. Ymtema, Mrs. H. Van Koensing, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krishland, Mr. and Mrs. M. Lark. [hard to read]
Mrs. L. Greene, Mrs. W. Grooters, Alice and Anna VerBerkmoes, Lucille Allen, Mr.s. W VerBerkmoes, Mrs. E. VerBermoes, Johanna Kooman.
Mrs. L. Muste, Mrs. H.J. Bouwkamp, Mrs. Peter Happe, Mrs. Henry Londs. Mres. G. Duthey, Mrs. H. DeKok, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Armstrong.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hespel, Jack, Gertrude, Betty Loo, Billy, Elizabeth, Bobby.
Mr-H-Mrs.-Verseput, Mane-Burk, Mrs-A-Elmer, Maude-Engebers, Mrs-G-Stone, Mrs-Wyma, Mrs-K-Van-Koveren.
Mr-Mrs-Rose, Mrs Slotman, Mr Slotman, June, Mary Kooiker, Kathleen, Miss Webber.
Jerome E. Kridler, Florence H. Kirdler, Mrs. A. Kridler, Mrs. H. Vande Bunte, Gertrude Brinkman, Mr & Mrs Guy M. Kridler, Mrs. H. Brinkman.
Paul W. Bennink, John E. Bennink, Eleanor Weda, Mr. And Mrs. Benjamin Van Hazel, Mrs. A. Van Raalte, Mrs. P. Weda, Miss Lizzie Kriekard.
Mrs. J. Monjay, Mrs. C. Crowder, Mrs. A. Post, Mary B. Lock, Mrs. J. Weber, Mr. + Mrs. Joseph Maurits St., Mr. J. Maurits Jr.
Mr. I.J. Van Kammen, Eugenia VanKammen, Esther Clark, Dr. + Mrs. A. VanKammen, Mrs. F. Clark, Mr. C.A. VanKammen, Mrs. C.A. VanKammen.
Mr. Edward VanDussen, Mr. Jay VanDussen, Howard VanDussen, Ruth VanDussen, Mr. & Mrs. M. VanDussen, Mrs. D Barrendame, Mrs. J Barrendame.
Dorothy Barendse, Donald Barendse, Franklin Tiggleman, Harvery-Virginia VanerVeen, Edwar Harvey Jr., Frederick Tiggleman, Louis R. Harvery.
Mr. Si. Glass, Mrs. S. Glass, Mr. jno. Zeilstra, Edward Zeilstra, Lucille Zeilstra, Mr. +Mrs. Theodore Zeilstra, Winifred M. Zeilstra, Lucille L. Zeilstra.
Mr. + Mrs. Herman Terbuk, Mrs. W. Kling, Wilma A. Herrima, Jean TerBuk, Willard F. Wistra, Mr. + Mrs. Willard G. Westra, Gloria M. Westra.
Miriam Koster, Geraldine Koster, Mrs. M. Koster, Mr. M. Koster, Mr. + Mrs. P. Hoeksema, Mrs. J. DeMan. Mrs. A. Thompson.
Mrs. Peter DeWit, Mrs. W. Teblas, Mrs. Jacob Verseput, Rev & Mrs. Henry D. Terkeurst, James Terkeurst, Mrs. Burgering, John F. Terkeurst.
Mr. Harold J. Faber, Gladys M. Faber, Mr. Willard Steketee, Mrs. Henry Meyer, Mrs. R. Steketee, Mr. + Mrs. A. James Faber, Mr. R. Steketee.
Bob Anderson, James Anderson, Mrs. H. Oleman, Mr. + Mrs. Geo. Harvery, Frances Vanderveen, Mrs. A. Marcus, Cora Brandt.
Ruth M. Verseput, Mrs. R. Castetter, Florence Verseput, Mr. + Mrs. Dick H. Verseput, Mr. H. Reynhout, Mr. R. Castetter, Mrs. H. Reynhout.
Mrs. Lucy Graafieland, Jennie Jasper, Jessie, Mr. + Mrs. Peter Berburg, Jeanette, Mrs. Jos. Jasper, Josephine.
Mrs-J-B-Semeyn, Patricia-Semeyn, Mrs_Ed_Semeyn, Fannie-Nellie-Semeyn, Mrs. O-Frost, Jay-Semeyn, Mrs-J-Semeyn.
Raymond J. Skimmel, Dick Vandeveen, Mr. +Mrs. Henry Hummel, Mr. + Mrs. H. Vanderveen, Mr. + Mrs. G. Larink, Norma Jean Hummel.
Mrs-Eamus, Donald-Eamus, Kathryn -Messmore, Mr-Mrs-P-De Pagter, Mrs-H-Volkers, Sylvia-Eamus, Kathryn-Volkers
Mae Dykstra, Mrs. V. Morehouse, Henrietta and Dorothy Dykstra, Mr. And Mrs. Jacob Dykstra, Gertrude Huitoing, Evelyn Ruster.
Della Wilbert, Harry Wilbert, Mrs. F. Ellitharte, Mr. + Mrs. Isaac Lautenbach, H.A. VanOpstal, Jerry Dunn, Morgan S. VanOpstal.
Miss Gertrude Verseput, Henrietta Engbers, Mrs. Henry Semeyn, Mr. + Mrs. Roger Verseput St., Mrs. John Verseput, Mr. Leonard Verseput, Mrs. Roger Verseput, Jr.
Mr. A Paul, Arlene Barnes, Florence Harris, Mrs. Anna Burkepease, Mrs. John Brumels, Mrs. J. Barnes, Phyllis Ann Brumels.
Mrs. Whitefleet, Grace, Florence, James, Jimie, Gertrude.
Mr. Albert Dawley, Mrs. Albert Dawley, Miss Kathryn DePagter, Mr. + Mrs. Jacob Dykstra, Mrs. Roland A. Brandt, Mrs. Leonard De Pagter, Miss Nellie Vandenburg.

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