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Beauty Creates Diversity, Detroit Tricentennial Quilt
Diane Hardin, Wayne County 4-H Extension, and Metro Detroit Quilt Guild
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Cotton, Wool, Linen, Poly-cotton
102” x 80”
MSUM 2003:33.1; Gift of Wayne County 4-H Extension
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This quilt was made to celebrate the 300th Birthday of the city of Detroit. The blocks represent the different ethnic groups in Detroit.
They are: Potawatomi--means "Keepers of the Fire" by Louis Medawis; Chippewa--means "Keeper of the Spirituality" by Sue Rueter; French by Karen Stocksett; Swiss by Margaret Iscariot; Swedish by Elizabeth Hardwick; Bulgarian by Ann Sheridan; Southern American by Diane Hardin; Czechoslovakian by Carole Capriotti; German by Annelise Peterson; Yemeni by Judy Dunnett; Greek by MaryAnn Mitchell; Belgian by Margaret Roets; Cuban by Sue Rueter; Croatian by Carole Capriotti; Canadian by Jim Wilford; Serbian by Diane Bera; Lithuanian by Milda Kvedaras; Haitian by Rosalyn Gamble; English by Sharon Miner; Irish by Laura Lauer; Russian by Jill Stiger; Maltese by Sharon Miner; Italian by Elizabeth Calderone; Bahamain by Judith Busby; Hindu by Marti Murdock; Polish by Shirly Ward; Puerto Rican by Lydia Sucharski; African-American by April Ship; Danish by Siobhan & Irene Flynn; Estonian by Marti Murdock; Jordanian by Sheila Haddad; Armenian by Anoush Papelian; Chinese by Margaret So; Palestinian by Deb Taylor; Jewish by Ann Stilman-Robinson; Hmong by Iamona Yang; Eskimo by Elizabeth Gonzalez; Syrians by Monica VanBuren; Hawaiian by Pamela Jackson; Austrian by Mary Ann Moening; Ukranian by Patricia Miriani; Mexican by Carmen Flores; Pakistani by Frances Barney; Netherlander by Judy Harte; Finnish by Diane Hardin; Turkish by Alma Shepherd; Chaldean by Diane Hardin; Lebanese by Fordson High School Clothing Class; Debbie Lampson-Home Ec Teacher; Romanian by Nancy Cocariu; Norwegian by Anne Pyciak; Filipino by Encar Ocampo; Korean by Wanda Moon; Hungarian by Mary Lawson; Brazilian by Diane Hardin; Scottish by Lillia McMacken; Slovenian by Katherine Nosal; African by Lula Williams; Vietnamese by Alma Shepherd; Japanese by MaryAnn Mitchell; and The Riverfront by Barb Nahler.

The quilters are: Katherine Nosal, Fran Desmond, MaryAnn Mitchell, Shirly Ward, Lillia McMacken, Anne Peterson, Deborah Taylor, Margaret Roets, Esther Scarro, Esther MacLaren, Kathy Runstadtler, Mickey Barnhart, Barbara Burr, Ann Stilman-Robinson, Susan Rueter, Mary Lawson, Diane Laurella, Elizabeth Hardwick, Judith Busby, Gladys Young.

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