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The Cuesta Benberry Quilt and Ephemera Collection

Friendship Quilt
Cassie Cavanaugh, St. Louis, MO, St. Louis Star
Mary Conroy, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Canadian Quilt logo
Annette Amann, St. Louis, MO, Indiana Rose
Letha Rice, Leavenworth, KS, Kansas Troubles
Mary Schafer, Flushing, MI, Love Apple
Louise Mueller, St. Louis, MO, St. Louis Star
Marie Shirer, Lawrence, KS, Vine of Friendship
Doris Miller, Baldwin City, KS, Publisher's Sunflower
Evelyn Brown, Gainesville, FL, Bouquet for Cuesta (original design)
Shirley Hedman, Schenectady, NY, Pennsylvania Dutch peace and love design
Mary Ghormley, Lincoln, NE, Nebraska Windmill
Callie Olson, Osage City, KS, Kansas Dugout (hearts in corners signify love of home and family; friends; quilting; and life)
Joyce Gross, Mill Valley, CA, Hawaiian pattern
Ruth Snyder, Independence, KS, Rosebud Wreath
Helen Ericson, Emporia, KS, Sweetheart Rose
Dolores Hinson, Austin, TX, modern Broderie Perse
Nancy Bradford Garver, Schenectady, NY, Springtime
Suellen Meyer, Creve Couer, MO, Little Red Schoolhouse (referencing Cuesta as a teacher)
Bonnie Leman, Wheatridge CO, Pineapple
Ione McIntyre, Bemidji, MN, original design (open book for history and reading)
Chris Wolf Edmonds, Lawrence, KS, original design
Carol Crabb, Columbia, MO, replica of Bertha Stenge's Noah's Ark
Barbara Brackman, Lawrence, KS, St. Louis Star
Louise Townsend, Denver, CO, Cluster of Lillies (Kansas City Star Pattern)
Barbara Bannister, Alanson, MI, Star Dust
Marge Ragle, Lawrence, KS, original design of variation of Sunbonnet Sue
Liz Rushing, Picayune, MS, "The Siblings" (from Workbasket)
Joyce Aufderheide, New Ulm, MN, her logo featuring Hands All Around quilt
Elaine Sparlin, Lenexa, KS, original design
Mary Borkowski, Dayton, OH, abstract flower design
Frances Noack, St. Louis, MO, Iris
Shirley Conlon, San Diego, CA, Star
Betty Hagerman, Baldwin City, KS, Sunbonnet Sue
Edna Ford, Louisville, KY, Souvenir of Friendship (from Hearth & Home)
Jean Ameduri, St. Louis, MO, color spectrum with sunset
Ruby Hinson Duncan, Imoboden, AK, Butterfly
Denise Poepsel, St. Louis, MO, Monkey Wrench
Enola M. Gish, Baldwin City, KS, Conventional Lily
Loretta Harturp, Kirkwood, MO, Dutch Doll
Sally Garoutte, Mill Valley, CA, Star on a String
Quilted by Betty Hagermann
86" x 98"
MSU Museum Accession 2008:119.11, Gift of George Benberry
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved by MSU Museum

This quilt was coordinated by Betty Hagerman and Helen Ericson who contacted friends of Cuesta to obtain the quilt blocks. It is a "who's who" of quiltmakers and quilt historians, past and present. Cuesta, said, “Because so many "famous quilt people" contributed blocks, people often called it the "celebrity" quilt. I do know the quilt receives more invitations than I do!"

A memorable part of Cuesta’s legacy was her generosity in sharing her knowledge and her research collections with both established and emerging scholars, collectors, and museum professionals. She served as mentor and friend to anyone who showed a serious desire to engage in research on quilt history. Of her work, Cuesta once said, “If I try to say what about my quilt career has been the greatest I’ll say it’s the friends I’ve made.”

By Mary Worrall, from the exhibit Unpacking Collections: the Legacy of Cuesta Benberry, An African American Quilt Scholar

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