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The Cuesta Benberry Quilt and Ephemera Collection

Dear Hearts
Mary Schafer
Flusing, Michigan
19 1/2” x 23”
MSUM 2008:119.23, Gift of George Benberry
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan StateUniversity Museum

The quilt was given in 1985 to Mrs. Cuesta Benberry at the renowned quilt show, Quilts An American Romance in Troy, Michigan. Mrs. Benberry, a famed quilt historian, had a part in lecturing at this show. Mrs. Benberry was loved by many prominent quilt historians and quilters throughout the U.S. This "Dear Hearts" quilt is one of many gifts she received during her lifetime. As hearts are symbolic of love, this quilt is a fitting tribute to her. Cuesta Benberry wrote, "Mary Schafer and I have been the best of friends for 30 years. We have exchanged patterns from round robin days of the 1960s, got to know each others' families, trials, and tribulations. So Mary sent me this sort of charm heart quilt--each little heart out of a different fabric."

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