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New Design Ralli

New Design Ralli
Maker unknown
Phuleli, Middle Sindh, Pakistan
50" x 74"
MSU Museum Accession 2008:121.7
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved by MSU Museum

Even though this design has been used for many years with a variety of background colors (including black, red and yellow) this design is referred to by the quilters as a “new design.” (This is probably in contrast to geometrics that may be thousands of years old.) Women enjoy making these patterns as they are faster to make compared to tiny blocks and patchwork. The dark green fabric may be partly synthetic but all the other fabrics are cotton and probably hand dyed. Characteristic of this design is asymmetry, especially in the small cross shapes that appear to “orbit” the appliqué blocks. It was made for everyday use.

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