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OK City Bombing Memorial Quilt


Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Quilt
American Federation of Govenment Employees Union
Cotton, cotton/polyester
186" x 144"
MSUM 2008:136.1
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This quilt is a memorial to thevictims of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995. 168 people died and more than 800 were injured. The quilt is laid out as American flag. Each red block has the name of one bombing victim and the agency they worked for. The blocks are detailed below, working from top to bottom and left to right on the quilt.

Row 1, block 1: “JUDY FISHER”, “CHURCH”, “HUD”. “HOME”, “FAMILY”, “FRIENDS”. Block 2: “PAUL DOUGLAS ICE CUSTOMS SERVICE”. Block 3: “KIM R COUSINS HUD”. Block 4: “Larry J. Jones Fed. Hwy. Adm. Age 46”. Block 5: “Faith”, “Hope” and “Love”. “Castine Brooks Hearn Deveroux H.U.D.” Block 6: “JOHN STEWART HUD”. Block 7: “Lucio Aleman Jr. F.H.A.” Block 8: “BETSY MCGONNELL HUD”. Block 9: “ROBERT WALKER JR. SSA”.

Row 2, block 1: “Rheta Ione (Bender) Long USDA”. Block 2: “MICHAEL WEAVER HUD”. Block 3: “Mother”, “Wife”, “Friend”, “Loved Prov. 31.10, 28-29”. “Ethel Griffin SSA”. Block 4: “Richard Allen SSA”. Block 5: “PATRICIA NIX HUD”. Block 6: “Larry L Turner DOD”. Block 7: “LINDA MCKINNEY SECRET SERVICE”. Block 8: “DR. MARGARET LOUISE CLARK USDA”. Block 9: “SHARON LOUISE WOOD-CHESNUT SSA”.

Row 3, block 1: “Norma Jean Johnson DoD”. Block 2: Machine pieced blazing star in red, white, blue fabrics, button in center. Machine embroidered “CLAUDE MEDEARIS CUSTOMS SERVICE”. Block 3: “Peter Arillanoza HUD”. Block 4: “NORMA JEAN JOHNSON DOD”. Block 5: “Harley Cottingham DOD”. Block 6: “Chip Fields DEA”. Block 7: “MARK A. BOLTE FHA”. Block 8: “HUD”, “IAD”, “Church”, “FAMILY”, “C.O.F.C.”, “BARASSOC”, “ CTY. COUNCIL”, “ROTARY”, “Jules Valdez”. Block 9: “TERESA LAUDERDALE”, “FAMILY”, “HUD”, “FWP”.

Row 4, block 1: “ANDREA Y. BLANTON HUD”. Block 2: “Gene Hodges, Jr HUD”. Block 3: “DAVID N. BURKETT H.U.D.”. Block 4: “Douglass High”; “Coach (19 yrs)”, “Donald Burns Sr. Hud”. Block 5: LEORA LEE SELLS HUD”. Block 6: “Carolyn A. Kreymborg HUD”. Block 7: “Michael G. Thompson SSA Age 47”. Block 8: “Derwin Miller”,“SSA”. Block 9: “GEORGE HOWARD HUD”. Block 10: “Ronald Vernon Harding”. “SSA USA”, “Let the Music Play”. Block 11: “Susan Ferrell H.U.D.”, “JEWELS OF THE NILE”. Block 12: “Carole Khalil USDA”. Block 13: “Mother”, “Wife”, “Sister”, “Friend”, “Mary L. Rentie HUD”. Block 14: “Robert Westberry DOD”. Block 15: “COACH”, “Steven Douglas Curry”, “GSA-BUILDING MECHANICAL INSPECTOR”. Block 16: “Michael Loudenslager GSA”.

Row 5, block 1: “MICKEY MARONEY SECRET SERVICE”. Block 2: “Charlotte Lewis Thomas SSA”. Block 3: “Olen Bloomer USDA”. Block 4: “Kathy Lynn Seidl Secret Service”, “Mother”, “Wife”, “Daughter”, “Aunt”, “Patriot”, “Sister”. Block 5: “Linda Florence HUD”. Block 6: “OLETA BIDDY SSA”. Block 7: “Antonio Reyes HUD”. Block 8: “James Martin FHA” . Block 9: “John Karl VanEss HUD”. Block 10: “PETER DE MASTER DOD”. Block 11: “Carrie Ann Lenz DEA. Block 12: “HUD Jo Ann Whittenberg”. Block 13: “RICHARD L. CUMMINS USDA”. Block 14: “COLLEEN GUILES HUD”. Block 15: “Michelle Reeder FHA”. Block 16: “KATHY CREGAN SOCIAL SECURITY”.

Row 6, block 1: “James McCarthy HUD”. Block 2: “JERRY LEE PARKER FHA”. Block 3: “Clarence E. Wilson HUD”. Block 4: “FRANCES WILLIAMS HUD”. Block 5: “Shelly Turner Bland DEA”. Block 6: “Diana Day HUD”. Block 7: “Kenneth McCullough DEA”. Block 8: “LANNY SCROGGINS HUD”. Block 9: “Alan Whicher SECRET SERVICE”. Block 10: “Rona Linn Chaney D.E.A.”, “Rona. Proficient, dedicated, smiling, studious & kind. Gentle prankster…Missed by all.” “Ray”, “Misty”. “Nick”. Block 11: “W STEPHEN WILLIAMS SOCIAL SECURITY”. Block 12: “Carol Bowers SSA”. Block 13: “Margaret Goodson Social Security”, “Margaret Goodson SSA”. Block 14: “ADELE HIGGINBOTTOM USDA”. Block 15: “PAUL G BROXTERMAN HUD”. Block 16: “David Walker HUD”.

Row 7, block 1: “CHARLOTTE THOMAS SOCIAL SECURITY”. Block 2: “Donald Ray Leonard Secret Service”. Block 3: “RONOTA ANN WOODBRIDGE FHA” at bottom. Block 4: “Terry Reese HUD”. Block 5: “TED ALLEN HUD”. Block 6: “Saundra Avery Social Security Adm.”. Block 7: “USDA James, E Boles”. Block 8: “SERVICE TO OTHERS”, “LOVE OF FAMILY” and “HUNTING FISHING”, “FHA JOHN BUDDY YOUNGBLOOD”. Block 9: “CYNTHIA BROWN SECRET SERVICE”. Block 10: “FHA”, “Johnny Allen Wade”. Block 11: “Michael Carrillo FHA”. Block 12: Maroon fabric with singing angels, machine embroidery “Rick Tomlin TD” in center. Block 13: “KIMBERLY KAY CLARK” and “HUD”. Block 14: “DIANE E. ALTHOUSE HUD”. Block 15: “Anita Hightower Job Corps”. Block 16: 1“Julie Marie Welch SSA”.

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