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Dress Series #2: Green Sioux

Moccasin Series #2: Green Sioux
Margaret Wood
Phoenix, Arizona
Machine pieced, machine quilted
49" x 73”
MSUM 2008:162.2
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reseved by the Michigan State University Museum

Margaret Wood relates:
This quilt was inspired by a pair of Sioux beaded moccasins. The word moccasin comes from the Cree/Algonquin language and means footwear or shoes. Tribal moccasin construction design and materials were influenced by the environment in which that tribal group lived. Soft sole mocassins made of soft tanned leather were typical of forested areas and hard sole moccasins were worn in the drier and more barren southwest and Plains. Moccasin designs were usually the invention of the maker. The maker used whatever color beads they had available.

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