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Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune
Maker unknown
78 1/2” x 94”
MSUM 2011:102.1, Gift of Nola Deal
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This signature quilt has names inked and embroidered in the blocks. The signatures include (rows are numberd, columns are lettered):
1A, J???? Wilkins; 1B, Lillie Abesson(?); 1C, Anna Rhodes; 1D, Flora Meach?; 1E, Ellen Briggs; 1F, Frank Reed.
2A, Jade Lewis?; 2B, Hatti H?vley; 2C, Lina Snyder; 2D, Mate Lee; 2E, Phenie(?) Crum; 2F, Caroline Snyder.
3A, Polly Pabner; 3B, Mrs. JR Hawley; 3C, Agusta Crego; 3D, (inked on side?) A?1893 by The Society; 3E, Frank Hawley; 3F, Miss E Crego.
4A, Jane E. Hawley; 4B, Maria Crispell(?); 4C, Emma Lewis(?); 4D, Mrs. EK Adams; 4E, Lois Pabrus; 4F, Anna Day.
5A, Nettie Spicer(?); 5B, Libbi Crusn (embroidered in center, inked below); 5C, Georgie Wyllis (embroidered in center, inked below); 5D, Emma Briggs; 5E, Mrs West (embroidered in center, inked on bottom left); 5F, Mrs Pond.

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