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Pinwheel quilt

Pinwheel quilt top
Maker unknown
Provenance unknown
54” x 67 1/4” MSUM 2011:159.14, Gift of the Apparel and Textile Design Program. Dept. of Human Environment and Design, Historic Collection at Michigan State University
Photo by Pearl Yee Wong, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This quilt pattern has been published under many names including: Wanderer’s Path, Crazy Quilt, Drunkard’s Path, Wonder of the World, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Solomon’s Puzzle, Drunkard’s Trail, Old Maid’s Puzzle, Endless Trail, Crooked Path, Country Cousin, World’s Wonder, Boston Trail, The Pumpkin Vine. The donor called it Pinwheel.

Names in half blocks around edges:
E.W.Z., Carol Starkey, Whit Berryman, Mary E. Weir, Margaret Caldwell, M.J. Rowlands, Lillie Harmon, L.L. Wennegaard, Margaret Jones, Mrs. J. H. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wilson, M.L. MIlle, Mr. and Mrs. C.F. White, J. E. Covey, Jennie E. Davies, Anna Walker/Salem, ILL., Henry G. Warrnian, J. W. Williams.
Full sized blocks.
1st row: W. Jones, Annor Jones, Alta Bartum, S.H. Berryman, Kam Berryman, Rachel G. Breese,
2nd row: R.P. Phillips, Mrs. R.E. Jones, Mrs. Vaughn, W.P. King, Tot Berryman, W.B. Berryman, M. Litta Breese, Pennie H. Rowlands.
3rd row: A.P. Statler, Maud Statler, Clara King, Ann G. Williams, Lizzie Williams, Eddie E. Williams, Emma Attig (?), Rena K. Jones/Prarie Hall, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. O. Batrum, Orah Jones, Howell Rowlands, Josephine Harman.
5th row: Ray Jones, Blanch Walker, Flossie Jones, Lida Fritz, Eddie Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. C. Starkey.
6th row: Larrisa Phillips, ?, Mrs. Rosena Schultze, Nina Jones, Jessie Brady, Ruth Walker, August Schultze, Emma Schultze, Anna E. Price, Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Wise, Mary F.T. Fritz, Mrs. Pauline Wise, Grace M. Brady, James E. Jones, Frank Thayer, Etta M. Berryman, Mrs. Wm. Schultze, W.D. Lowley, Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Forney, Edwin Brady, Miss Maggie Jones, R.D. Jones, Mrs. Sallie Carnaham, C.H. Payne, Mr. and Mrs. E. Evans, Margaret Spellman, Florence Price, Lillian Jones.

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