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North Carolina Lily
Mary Ann Orilla Carolan
Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
89” x 100”
MSUM 5987.1, Gift of Mary Nunneley
Photo by Peter Glendinning, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

Mary Ann Orillia Karlan Carolan is remembered by her family as the first white baby to have been born in a settlement near Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. The town was subsequently named after her, and is now known as Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Carolan completed this quilt before marrying James Carolan and inscribed "MOK" The 21 pieced and applique lily blocks are set with an equal number of plain white blocks and are framed by a winding delicate grapevine border, which includes embroidered red tendrils.

Mary Ann Karlan Carolan (seated) with daughterMary Ann Beatty (standing left), granddaughter Bertha Agnes Beatty Gilbert (standing right) holding great-granddaughter Mary Nunneley; c1918

From Michigan Quilts: 150 Years of a Textile Tradition


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