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Hattie Kelley Choate (1865-1931)
Kelley's Corners (later Cement City), Jackson County, Michigan
Cotton, silk, velvet, fur
72” x 85”
MSUM 6030.1, Gift of Lura Jean Harbaugh
Photo by Peter Glendinning, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

According to information provided by Lura Jean Harbaugh, the quiltmaker's granddaughter,

this quilt was made by Hattie Kelley in the year 1885 and was to be used in her future home. She lived at Kelley's Corners (Cement City), Columbia Township, Jackson County, Michigan. She was married to Hazael Choate in 1886, and lived in Liberty Township. She got her quilting experience from Mary Reed Hill, a well-known quilter in the 1880s.

The quilt, done in the Crazy-block style that was popular in the late nineteenth century, incorporates a blue letter H, which might have stood for either Hattie or Hazael. "H K Jan. 20 1885" is stamped in ink on the quilt.

Hattie helped her daughter Mercie Bell with a Nine Patch variation quilt.

From Michigan Quilts: 150 Years of a Textile Tradition

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