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The Clarke Family Quilt Collection

Flower Pot
Bozena Vilhemina Clarke
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Pieced and appliquéd 1931, quilted 1938
61 1/2" x 76"
MSU Museum Accession 6119.1
Photo by Fumio Ichikawa, all rights reserved by the MSU Museum

The "Flower Pot" quilt provides an overview of print styles and colors popular during the 1930s. Fabric colors of the period were brighter and more intense than earlier periods and solid fabrics were used in appliquéd quilts with greater frequency. Here solids used in the appliquéd buds include lavender, pink, yellow, and blue. Each hexagonal flower is of a different print in colors that complement the colors of the buds. The prints often feature two or more colors and are frequently of a floral or geometric design set on a white ground. The appliqued flowers are quilted with a flower design and the buds and leaves are quilted with veins. The sashing and border are quilted with a simple cable design.

By Mary Worrall, excerpted from American Quilts from Michigan State University Museum.


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