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The Clarke Family Quilt Collection

Dresden Plate Signature top
Bozena Vilhelmina Clarke
Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
60" x 60"
MSU Museum Accession 6119.88
Photo by KEVA, all rights reserved by the MSU Museum

Eight of the flowers have names embroidered in black on each petal and in the center surrounding the petals. The names include: Clarke family members, Bozena's neighbors at her Silver Lake cottage up north, the Ladies Union Boulevard Congregational Church sewing group, Awry bakery employees, G. Dingman, a Wayne County Commissioner whose wife was member of the church sewing group, church members, the Rebecca Jane Circle, and F. Awry founder of Awry’s Bakery (a Detroit instituion for many years).

The blocks were were stored in a box in the attic in strips. The strips were put together by Bozena's granddaughter Harriet A. Clarke in 1980.

Names on the blocks are:
(: and ; [seperates plate blades] are not on quilt, all other puncuation accurate.)
1A: Bob & Ted Beaumont; Edna, Jack Andrews; Elmer, Blanche and Sally Sullivan; Tommy Sullivan.; Bea + Wilmer Butler.; Mildred Butler Marjorie Butler Laura Butler; A. Hambleton. G. Holloran.; H Warwick Virginia. Marjorie.; Nelly E. Herman.; Lottie Belles. Marjorie Belles Betty Belles.; Jean Kunkel Hazen and Helen Kunkel.; Mary Evans. Robert Evans.; Peggy Walker. Donald Butler.; Geraldine and Irwin Kunkel Jr.; Jessie, Gertrude, and Grace Nellie Bagnall; Edward and Jessie Bagnoll.; Mrs. R.H. Bognall.; Gertrude and Ed Sprunk; Mr. A.J. Kunkel Jessie Kunkel; Patricia Andrews (outside of plate)
1B: no signatures
1C: Ladies Union Boulevard Congregational Church (inner circle of plate); Arvid Haneen Mrs. A. Haneen; Gua(?) Sillen Mrs. G. Sillen; Alfred Dancer Mrs. A. Dancer; Janet Wilcox Bobby Wilcox; John Wilcox Mrs. J. Wilcox; Miss Arme Mrs. J. Arme; Wine Peach Lem Peach; Miss Simon Mrs. F. Simon; W. G. Clarke Mrs. W. G. Clarke; Laura Clarke David L. Clarke; Bobby Clarke Harriet Ann; Geo. R. Clarke Mrs. G.R. Clarke; Ed. Motl Mrs. Ed. Motl; Phyla Motl Charlotte Motl; Edward Motl Mrs. E. Motl; Geo. Ebling Earl Mc Alpine; Don Ebling Clide Ebling; Geo Ebling Mrs. G. Ebling; Florence Clemet Janet Clemet; Verginia Carl Jim Carl.
1D: no signatures
2A: no signatures
2B: E.V. Johnston Mrs. E.V. Johnston; Mrs. W.B. Speirs Mrs. J. Stevenson; Charles Nerlinger Verona McGee; Arthur Fletcher Goldie Fletcher; Harold Camp Vera McGee; James R Bush Emma Bush; Jo Stevens Curley Burrows; Laura Guy Bill Burrows; Tom Burrows Jennie Burrows; Evelyn Flowers James Flowers; George McGee Nora McGee; Rozella Nerlinger Margarett Nerlinger; Mrs. J. Nerlinger A.F. Nerlinger; David Poole Eldon McGee; Ruth Vodden Donald Blake; Bess G. Blake J.R. Blake; Aunt Annie + Aunt Lydia; Mrs. C.S. Boughton C.S. Boughton; Mrs. J.J. Lemon John J. Lemon; Mrs. Alice Reid Dorthea Mae
2C: no signatures
2D: C. Boughton G. Dingmann Przybylowski F. Kramer R. Blomfield I.M The “Bloc” J.K. W.P. E.B. E.B. M.D (inner circle of plate); Mrs Throop Mr Throop; Mrs Wiltse Mrs Dice Mrs F. Awrey Mr R. Awrey; W. Awery E. Awery; M. Winchester F. Meyering; F. Awrey R. Mayering; Mr Black Mrs Black; Mrs Volker Mr Stevenson; Betty J. Bott Margaret Bott; Helen Bott Mrs Miller; Mrs McConachie Mr McConachie; Mrs Daly V. Buettner; A. Buettner A. Buettner; A. Buettner F. Buettner; A. Paulson C. Paulson; W. Buettner L. Buettner; W. Kramer Y. May; Mrs C. Boughton Mr C. Boughton; Ethel George Mrs Dernberger; Mrs C. Goux Mrs c. Goux
3A: Lille Edwards Mrs F. Awrey Mrs Leyman Mrs. C. Lemmon (inner circle of plate); Mrs Muxworthy; Mrs Goux; Mrs E. Blomfield; Edw. Blomfield; C.S. Munro; Ada Munro; K. Munro; Mrs Blomfield; Sid Blomfield; Mrs French; Mr French; S. Blomfield; Mrs Blomfield; A. Blomfield; R. Blomfield; Ethel Blomfield; Mrs Tibble; Edith Jessup; Mrs Blomfield; Rev. F. Blomfield
3B: no signatures
3C: Bettye Reynolds John Nerlinger Mary Reynolds Shirley Reynolds Frank Danforth J.W. Nerlinger Bessie Nerlinger Nellie Danforth (inner circle of plate); Agnes Wilson; Jack Kemsley; Iona Tager; Mayme Scroggie; Vera Phillips; Bessie Hanna; Georgia Tager; L Hanna; R.E. Newkirk; Junior Masters; Mable Masters; Laurence Tager; Marcu D Hanna; Alice Gauthier; Doshia McKenna; Madeline Whitman; Ruth Tager; Ruth Whitman; Geo F Tager; Margaret Tager; Norman Birley Ga. Birley Dorothy Struthers Donovan Fox Minnie Couerson Aria ? Mildred Gadde Mary Ann Krejci (outer background of plate)
3D: no signatures
4A: Inez Smellie Edna Hammond Don Hammond Jr. Geo Smellie Don Hammond Geo Coutts Retta Coutts Ted Trim Hazel Trim (inner circle of plate); Patsy Sanderson; Neil Sanderson; Florence Sanderson; Iva E. Northey; Nera H Wonnacott; Hattie Wonnacott; Roy Wannacott; Ann Sutcliffe; Jos. Sutcliffe; C.A. Worthy; Chas. Wonnacott; B.E. Ecklund; M.B. Ecklund; A.E. Ecklund; Judson Ward; Elrath Sanderson; Beth Sanderson; Kay Sanderson; S.D. Sanderson; Donald Sanderson; Elizabeth Bierly J.E. Wedth Thomas Scroggie Madge Scroggie Maude Wilton Mrs. French Alma Bayse W.V. Haley (outer background of plate);
4B: no signatures
4C: E Smith H Allen S Smith M Shook R Hawes C Allen I Loyd K Allen R Bradford H Brain J Brain M Hiner (inner circle of plate); F. White; H. Strickland; E. Barkley; J. Yarnell; R. Shook; M. Hugell; L. Waggott; E.F. Kostenbader; H. Wagner; H.A. Allen; S. Simmons; I. Padgett; D. Simmons; H. White; R. Barkley; E. Kostenbader; L. Strickland; M. Kostenbader; E. Yarnell; V. Padgett
4D: no signatures

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