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Ada L. Smith
Ponticac, Oakland County, Michigan
66” x 80”
MSUM 6270.2, Gift of Alice Ada Giddings
Photo by KEVA, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

The quilt was given by the quiltmaker, Ada L. Giddings Smith to her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Giddings, then to her daughter Alice Ada Giddings King, the donor. Sarah Giddings the mother of the quilter helped make this quilt. One piece of orange on the end of a pink row was from the maker's baby brother's petticoat- the donor's father. One fabric came from yardage made for the donor's grandmother. One fabric came from the maker's coat used during the Civil War.

The quilt was too heavy to use as a bed covering. It was used as a; day bed covering, lounge covering on sofa back, conversation piece for exhibition, covering for window chest, covering for a cold door, and as a wall hanging.

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