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Four Patch
Elizabeth Samantha Weatherbee
Found in Michigan
Top made 1903, quilted 1969
67” x 75 1/2”
MSUM 6581.2, Gift of Florence Vogt
Photo by KEVA, all rights reserved Michigan State University Museum

This quilt's fabrics - shirtings in a palette of wine red, navy, gray-blue, and blacks-are very typical of their era. Simple patterns such as this Four-Patch became very popular at the end of the 19th century. The quilt top was made by Elizabeth to commemorate the birth of her grandson, Benjamin E. Weatherbee. The top was later finished by an unidentified quilter who embroidered "1903/1969" in its center. Florence Vogt received the quilt in the mid-70s from her cousin and his wife because they knew she loved quilts and they had no children to inherit it.

From Great Lakes, Great Quilts

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