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Great Lakes Quilt Center Collection Development Policy and Procedures

General Policy of the MSU Museum

The Michigan State University Museum collects materials supporting the documentation, interpretation, presentation, and conservation of the natural and cultural history of the world with a special emphasis on the Great Lakes and, in particular, Michigan region.

Policy of the Great Lakes Quilt Center

The Michigan State University Museum's Great Lakes Quilt Center seeks to develop a collection of quilts and quilt-related materials which support the documentation, interpretation, presentation, and conservation of the quiltmaking traditions in the Great Lakes region with a special emphasis on Michigan.  Specifically, the GLQC places a priority on acquiring materials which:

are related to significant or representative Michigan or Great Lakes region history or cultural traditions
have complete and well-documented provenance
are in good condition and do not require special conservation
are connected to MSUM research, exhibition, public service, and education projects
do not duplicate existing materials in the collections
demonstrate cultural variation and change, comparative materials from other cultures and regions, and materials that show process as well as finished product.

Collections are primarily acquired by donations from individuals.  Occasionally items are acquired as part of grant-funded projects or with funds from grant-related projects, with funds from three modest endowments, the Anne Longman Endowment, the Michigan Quilt Project Endowment, and the Kitty Clark Cole Endowment, or underwritten by third-party donations especially given for the purchase.


Because the GLQC/MSU Museum takes seriously its responsibility as public steward for perpetual care of collections and because the resources (space, staff, supplies, etc.) for caring for collections are costly and limited, the MSU Museum must be selective about what it collects. Potential donations are reviewed by a GLQC Collection Development Committee to make sure that the donations adhere to the GLQC collection development policy.

Individuals who wish to donate items to the MSU Museum's Great Lakes Quilt Center should first call Mary Worrall at 517-432-4118 or by email at worrall@.msu.edu for more information.

Great Lakes Quilt Center Collection Use Policy and Procedures

Public admittance to MSU Museum/GLQC collection holding areas and research labs are restricted to individuals who, by appointment, have signed up for research access or on guided tours.

The museum reserves the right to charge a user fee of $25.00 per hour when the research visit requires very personalized staff assistance in excess of an hour. Given the university’s directive that the museum become financially self-sufficient, this research fee helps to underwrite the staffing necessary to provide access to collections.

A photocopying machine and color computer printer are available on site for use by researchers; costs are typically 25 cents per page. In some cases, restrictions may apply.

At the beginning of their visit, users will be asked to read and sign a “Policies Governing Use of Materials” form, which can be found at http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/MTAPpolicies.pdf.
The MSU Museum/GLQC asks that a copy of final reports, publications, products, or any auxiliary materials created by researchers be filed with the Museum within a reasonable period after completing research.

Quilt Collections

The MSU Museum/Great Lakes Quilt Center collections are available for on-site research by appointment only. To schedule an appointment in the quilt collections, contact Mary Worrall, Collections Assistant, by phone at 517- 432-4118 or by email at worrall@msu.edu. Completing and sending a MTAP Research Request Form (http://museum.msu.edu/s-program/mtap/Collections/MTAPResearch.pdf) ahead of a visit helps staff better prepare for your visit.

Archives and Library (including the Michigan Quilt Project files)

The quilt-related ephemera, publications, oral histories, MQP Inventory files, and other materials housed in the museum's archive and library for cultural collections are available to researchers by appointment on a room-use basis only. To schedule an appointment or to discuss a possible donation, contact Lynne Swanson, Collections Manager, by phone at 517-355-3304 or by email at swansonl@msu.edu. For more information on the scope and content of the collections, see http://museum.msu.edu/glqc/collections_library.html.


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