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The Cuesta Benberry Quilt and Ephemera Collection

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Afro-American Women and Quilts Lady's Shoe W.P.A. Tulip Combination Rose Little Brown Koko Joseph's Coat

Intombi Pinwheel Flower Pomegranate Hearts and Pomegranate Sampler Super Strawberry

Love Ring Floral Appliqué Colonial Lady Rose Tree Pinwheel Elongated Hexagons
Kiss 1, Kiss 2 Rafiki Cuesta's Choice Nine Patch Dear Hearts 1,000 Pyramids
Log Cabin Embroidered Quilt Pineapple Goose Girl Rose Wall Quilt African American Quilt top

Black Family Series  Cat in the Window Flower Vase Stained Glass Lampshade Nine Patch Child Life Embroidery

Cuesta's Stars  Embroidered Wild Flower Rose Wreath Quilts Have Brought Us Together Mammy Lone Star

Barbara Frietschie Star  Road to Oklahoma Turtles King's of Africa Dahomey Applique Marcus Garvey


Addy's Family Album           

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