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North American Indian and Native Hawaiian Quilt Collection

Online Quilt Exhibit: To Honor and Comfort: Native Quilting Traditions

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Star of Bethlehem
Feedsack Appliqué Four Block Floral Star of Bethelehem Star of Bethlehem  Star of Bethlehem 
Blackfoot Quilt
Garden Path String Plate Improved 9 Patch Blackfoot Quilt Turtle Has an Umbrella Cherokee Nation Seal
Lone Star
Lone Star Blackfoot Boy's Shirt Life Between Sunsets Eagleman Thunderbird Native Eagle Lone Star

Navajo Rug Geometric Ganado Red Evening Star Wholecloth Thunderbird
Indian Head Flowers at the Petroglyphs  Yup'ik top Hexagon Basket Nine Patch Star
Seven Clans of the Cherokee  Baby Quilt Baby Quilt with Dolls Strawberries and Flowers Indian Woman Seven Point Lone Star
Thunderbird Lone Star Tree of Peace Navajo Basket Indian Chief Blanket, Phase II Indian Chief Blanket,
Phase III
Indian Boy Ribbon Shirt
Pictures in the Stars Buffalo Head Star Eagle Headress Star Horse Head Star White Buffalo Skull Eagle Head Quilt
Star Baby Papoose Black Eagle Star Pueblo Style Chief Blanket Style Star Quilt Baca
Crazy Star American Eagle Star Broken Star Indian Head Star Seminole Lone Star
Four Patch and Turtles
Horse Chief's Blanket Four Patch and Turtles Coyote Creates Night Sky Grand Entry Lone Star Daybreak or Dawn Trip Around the World

Heritage Sampler Basketball Star Basketball Star Thunderbird Baseball Star Indian Boys and Girls
A New Time The Bright Star Bandolier Bag Honor the First Nations The Morning Star  Star
Hopi Corn News from Native America Butterfly  Butterfly Maiden Nine Patch Memory Quilt
Crazy Thunderbird Navajo Quilt Veteran's Quilt Navajo Designs Osage Tribal Blanket
Kachina Doll Gathering Quilt Diminishing Burden The Comb of Ka'uilani Hawaiian Flag Kapa Pohopoho
Indian Doll Baby Quilt Nine Patch Turtles
Corduroy Quilt Comanche Quilt Indian Doll Baby Quilt Nine Patch Turtles
Dress Series: Red Sleeve
Pottery Four Arrows Blackfeet Color Study 2 Dress Series:
Red Sleeve
Chief's Blanket Design Chief's Robe Quilt
Navajo Cowboy Buffalo Spirits Stars from Hollie  Basketball Star  The Crane and the Turtle Pupu, Island of Ni'ihau 
Kukui, Island of Moloka'i Ilima, Island of O'ahu Mokihana, Island of Kaua'i  Lehua, Island of Hawaii   Hinahina, Island of Kaho'olawe   Lokelani, Island of Maui
Moccasin Series #2: Green Sioux Mocassin Series#4: Cheyenne
 Kauna'oa, Island of Lanai Beauty that is Mauna Kea  Rest in Song   Moccasin Series#2: Green Sioux Moccasin Series#4: Cheyenne  Eagle Star
Hawaiian Flag        
Masks Hawaiian Flag        

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