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The Mary Schafer Quilt and Ephemera Collection

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Quilts Made by Mary Schafer
Poppy Wreath Clamshell Eisenhower Coxcomb Honey Bee
Oak Leaf and Cherries Lobster October Foilage North Carolina Lily Grapes and Vines
Pineapples Queen Charlotte's Crown Variable Star Burgoyne Surrounded Spirit of '76
Lafayette Orange Peel Molly Pitcher Sunshine and Shadows Q is for Quilt  
Collaborations by Mary Schafer and Betty Harriman
Washington Plume Washington Plume Alice Blue Wreath Flowering Almond  
Lee's Rose and Buds Lee's Rose and Buds Democratic Rose Pennsylvania Dutch Flower Garden  
Quilts Collected by Mary Schafer

White Quilt Sunburst Framed Square Whig Rose White Quilt

Mariner's Compass Feathered Star Album Quilt Poppy Mrs. Ewer's Tulips

Whig Rose Sunrise Sunflower or Sunburst Bars Valley Star

Single Wedding Ring North Carolina Lily White Quilt

Quilts Made by Mary Schafer from Antique Tops and Blocks
Eight-Pointed Star Drunkard's Path Pyramids Sawtooth Dutchman's Puzzle
Star & Cross Colonial Basket Drunkard's Path Thousand Pyramids Boxes
Good Fortune Log Cabin, Barn Raising Chimney Sweep Courthouse Steps  
Quilts and Mary's Reproductions
Linden Mill Linden Mill      

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