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Bars Four Patch King's Crown variation Nine Patch Sunburst Sawtooth Star


Sawtooth Star
Eight Point Star  Sawtooth Star Nine Patch Sawtooth Star Railroad Crossings Rose in the Window
 Postage Stamp Flower Basket Bursting Star   Ohio Star   Duck's In the Pond  Paw Paw Tile Mosaic
Nine Patch Bricks Checkerboard LeMoyne Star    


Philadelphia Patch
Ocean Waves Variable Star Harvest Sun Philadelphia Patch Tumbling Blocks Star and Block 
Bertha's Wedding Quilt LeMoyne Star Nine Patch variation top Basket top Four Patch Doll quilt Bar Quilt Sampler
Barn Door Rail Fence Log Cabin Rolling Stone   Shoo Fly   Royal Star  
Drunkard's Path Tumbling Blocks
Four Patch   Pineapple Log Cabin Double X Drunkard's Path Tumbling Blocks Cactus Basket
Four Patch Crosses Nine Patch Bricks Tumbler Four Patch top
Trip Around the World
Cracker Sunburst Trip Around the World Sawtooth Star Pinwheel  Nine Patch
Stripes of Triangles Pinwheel King's Crown Hour Glass One Patch  


Double X Dresden Plate Dresden Plate Yo-Yo Butterfly Paw Paw Tile Mosaic
One Way  W.P.A. Flower Garden
One Way Handy Andy Dresden Plate Eight Pointed Star Neck Tie W.P.A. Flower Garden
Dresden Plate Applecore String Plate Grandmother's Flower Garden Nine Patch Strippy Garden Path
Barbara Frietschie Star Road to Oklahmoa Tea Leaves Economy Patch  
Barbara Frietschie Star Road to Oklahoma Tea Leaves Economy Patch Nine Patch Improved Nine Patch
Grandmother's Fan          


Four Patch Good Fortune Star and Cross Pinwheel Bow Tie Turtle Has an Umbrella
Cathedral Window Broken Dishes top Nine Patch top Four Patch top Eight Pointed Star Three Sisters
Colonial Basket Chimney Sweep Diamond in a Square
Colonial Basket Boxes Chimney Sweep Dutchman's Puzzle Yo-Yo Diamond in a Square
Sawtooth Thousand Pyramids
Triangle Block top Pyramids Sawtooth Thousand Pyramids Mexican Star top Crow Foot in the Mud top
  Charm Quilt
Pyramid or Todd String Maple Leaf Blue Jeans Pockets Yup'ik top Charm Quilt
Baby Quilt Nine Patch
Nine Patch Corduroy One Patch Baby Quilt Nine Patch Cubrecama top


Crazy Medallion Bow Tie String Plate Repro Bar Quilt Repro Sawtooth Repro Four Patch Repro
  Nevilyn Friendship Quilt
Fanny's Fan Repro Duck's in the Pond Repro String Repro Felt Nevilyn Friendship Quilt

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