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The Mary Schafer Collection: A Legacy of Quilt History

Mary Schafer's "Challenge Period"

During what she termed her "challenge period," Mary not only increased her commitment to the study and making of quilts, but also became determined "to raise in popular esteem" the appreciation of quilts by educating the public about quilts and their history. Mary received her first invitation to conduct a workshop in April of 1971 at the Flint (Michigan) YWCA and subsequently spoke to many groups, particularly in the Great Lakes region, on both historical and technical aspects of quilting.

During this period Mary made quilts in patterns and styles she felt were important in quilt history. The collection of her quilts thus became instructional tools by which she could teach others about aspects of quilting history.

Mary's "Challenge" Quilts
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Clamshell Lobster Grapes and Vines Quilt

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