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The Mary Schafer Collection: A Legacy of Quilt History

Public Acclaim for Mary Schafer and Her Quilts

By the time of the quilting revival of the 1970s, Mary Schafer had become a well-known figure in the quilting world. Mary collaborated with Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham on exhibits and public programming. Their efforts cumulated in the book, Mary Schafer and Her Quilts (Michigan State University Museum Press, 1990).
In addition to giving talks on quilting, Mary received awards for the quilts she had in numerous quilt contests and shows and her collection was shown in many exhibitions. In 1986, Mary was honored with Michigan Senate Resolution No. 605, honoring her for “many contributions to the art of quiltmaking.”

As Mary’s fame grew, her collection began to be featured in many exhibits.

Mary and her quilts have received much recognition from local press.

In 1984, Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine profiled Mary’s work as a quilter and quilt scholar. 
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