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Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule a Virtual Outreach Program

Q. What kind of equipment do I need to take a virtual field trip?
A. You need videoconferencing equipment with the capability to connect via IP lines.
Q. Who do I contact to find out if equipment is available at my school?
A. Call your school technical coordinator, local ISD, or REMC (Regional Educational Media Center) office.
Q. Can a school or individual teacher schedule more than one program?
A. Yes, we accept multiple requests, as long as times are available.
Q. How many participants can take part in a program? 
A. All students should be able to participate fully in the field trip.  This depends on the size of your facility and classroom management, however we like to limit class sizes to 35 students.  If you have concerns about your group's size, please call 517-432-1472.
Q. I've decided to take a virtual field trip.  What do I need to do next?
A. Contact our VOP Coordinator to confirm the field trip date and time by phone 517 - 432-1472 or email. You can also visit our Virtual Outreach Program Scheduling page. 
Q. The form asks for an IP number, but there are more spaces than I have numbers.  What should I do?
A. Just enter the number you do have and enter zeros for the one you don't have.
Q. How can I do a test call with the Virtual Outreach office before my program? 
A. We can arrange a testing times prior to your program.  Please e-mail or call 517-432-1472.