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These programs are produced in conjunction with the MSU Museum's year-long special exhibition, "MASK: Secrets & Revelations," on exhibit in the Main Gallery through Jan. 22, 2012. The programs illustrate the role of a museum as both university support and point of community engagement:


-"Great Dance: TheGule Wamkulu Masquerade of the Chewa People of Malawi, Africa," in the Heritage Gallery through Oct. 2. This photo exhibit features striking images of thegule wamkulu ("goo-LAY wum-KOO-loo"), or "great dance," practiced by villagers throughout Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia, in Africa. Agule wamkulu performance brings the community together in times of celebration and of mourning: masked and woven characters represent the ancestors of the people who have come back to the land of the living to remind the community of good values and behavior. (Also of interest: African Studies Speaker Series featuring Curator Gary Morgan, Thursday, Sept. 15, MSU Museum Auditorium, 12 noon.)

-"The Digital Image: MSU Student Mask Projects," is on exhibit in the Community Gallery through Nov. 24. These MSU student-created projects come from the College of Communication Arts & Sciences:  JRN 338, Communicating with Graphics, where students created mask-inspired large-format posters; and TC 242, the Digital Image, where students constructed a "self-portrait," overlaying symbolic masking objects on top of photos of themselves.

-"Face to Face" monthly family mask-making activities, Sundays, 2-4 p.m.: Sept. 18, Oct. 9, Nov. 20, Dec. 18 and Jan. 15. This free, drop-in activity in the Main Gallery will feature make-and-take masks for basic skill levels - with embellishments! Many will be seasonal, such as Halloween, Day of the Dead and other holidays.

-"Occupational Masks: Real, Assumed and Imagined," a panel discussion led by MSU Museum Director and "MASK" exhibit curator Gary Morgan, which kicks off the Fall 2011 "Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives" workers culture brownbag series. That program is set for Thursday, Sept. 22, 12:15 - 1:30 in the MSU Museum Auditorium.

-Oct. 2: MSU Federal Credit Union Dinosaur Dash 5K run/walk, Museum Mile, Mini Dash and Diaper Dash. This family fun day will tie in with the MASK exhibit and children will receive souvenir masks. Runners are also encouraged to get into the act and sport a mask!

-Opening Oct. 22 in the Heritage Gallery, "On Death and Horses and Other People," an exhibit of renowned Czech photographer Markéta Luskacová, who is documenting the Czech carnival tradition.Masopust, which was suppressed in communist Czechoslovakia, has only reappeared in a cultural renaissance since the democratization of the Czech Republic. Here, masks as part of this tradition serve as a reminder: people are resilient and what makes us strong is so frequently our cultural identity.


Learn more about "MASK: Secrets & Revelations:"