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Just a few days remain to view "MASK: Secrets & Revelations," which concludes Jan. 22 at the Michigan State University Museum.

The popular "MASK" exhibit includes approximately 250 masks from around the world, many on view for the first time. The year-long exhibition has been the backdrop for a number of collaborations and programs, many drawing on MSU classes in poetry, visual communication, and interactive multimedia projects. Visitors young and old have found something familiar in the gallery (such as a Batman mask or the MSU Sparty mascot) and something new, perhaps from a culture or tradition in another place or time. The exhibit made for a rare opportunity to showcase such a vast collection, while at the same time inspiring new directions for programs.
"MASK has been more than an exhibit of diverse and wonderfully beautiful masks from the MSU Museum's collection, " says Gary Morgan, director of the MSU Museum. "It has been a platform for a suite of activities around the transformative power of masks, including original performance pieces, poetry workshops, talks and panel discussions, related ancillary exhibits, and gallery activities for university and school students  - all expanding on how masks are used around the world and how they relate to us all. The exhibit has struck a real chord with audiences - because we all wear masks of one sort or another."
A final program, "Face to Face: Family Mask-Making Activity" is set for Sunday, Jan. 15, from 2-4 p.m.  This event will feature make-and-take masks for basic skill levels. A companion photo exhibit will also close Jan. 18, "On Death and Horses and Other People," featuring images by Czech photographer Markéta Luskacová.
After Jan. 22, the masks themselves will return to the MSU Museum cultural collections, available for scholars and students; meanwhile, the exhibit content is also available digitally. Learn more: