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Ground Floor Gallery
May 1 - August 31, 2012

Fifth grade students from Our Lady of Refuge School (Orchard Lake, Mich.) are sharing their paper bag puppets in a new exhibit at the MSU Museum. 
Carol Balash, Our Lady of Refuge School teacher, has led this activity for many years. "The paper bag puppet project is a culminating activity for our Life Unit," she explains. "Children select an animal of their choice, conduct research about their animal, and create a puppet using a paper bag as the base. Fur, feathers, felt, pipe cleaners, paint, construction paper and imagination help to make the puppets look authentic. With the puppet, students assume the role of their animal as they present an oral report summarizing what they have learned from their research."
To see real examples of many of the species that inspired these puppet creations, visit the Hall of Animal Diversity on the second floor.
Paper Bag Puppet Animals will be on display through June in the Orientation Theatre in the museum's lower level.