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This October, the Michigan State University Museum encourages people everywhere to nurture a lifelong habit of active participation in the arts and humanities in observance of National Arts and Humanities Month.

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The Michigan State University Museum joins Americans for the Arts in recognizing important role of arts and humanities for our schools and communities. Visit a museum, gallery, library, music hall, theatre or other cultural center and experience the arts! 
Now open: At the museum, come in and see a new exhibit where art and science intersect, "Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway with Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson," a whimsical road trip through time exploring our fossil past. 
Opening Oct. 20: “The Great Work of the Metal Lover,” which uses a combination of biotechnology, art and alchemy to turn liquid gold into 24-karat gold.
There's more to explore with nearly 15 galleries and exhibit spaces on three floors at the natural science and culture museum at Michigan State University.