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News from the Smithsonian Affiliates network: INTRODUCING 'SERIOUSLY AMAZING'


SI question markMost Americans know the Smithsonian―or at least they think they do―with its iconic objects, like the Hope Diamond and Dorothy’s ruby slippers, coming to mind. But the Smithsonian is far more than objects on exhibit. To help people understand that it is a place of scientific discovery, cultural exploration and collaborative learning, the Smithsonian is embarking on a first―a national advertising campaign to show that while the Smithsonian is many things, it is also one thing: “Seriously Amazing.”
The Smithsonian just launched this new website, Seriously Amazing, to help showcase its resources. There's lots to check out here from the Smithsonian's deep, deep research and resources -- the world and the universe, storytelling, technology and creative innovation, the animal kingdom and the natural landscape, artistic expression and also a mash-up for people to share culture.
Promotional support for the “Seriously Amazing” campaign is being provided by Target.
The MSU Museum is Michigan's first Smithsonian affiliate.