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Requirements of Internships: 
Interns are expected to treat their internships as a professional experience. Interns should observe the same work rules as other staff members, carry out work assignments productively and efficiently, and accept supervision.

In addition to the activities defined by each specific internship position, students seeking credit through the MSU Museum Studies Program are expected to complete a journal of internship activities, a portfolio, an article review and a short self-evaluation/summary report. Supervisors will also complete an evaluation.

How to Apply

: Applicants interested in applying for an internship should fill out the application form (download a form) and send the application, a letter of interest, and your resume to the MSU Museum.
Applications must be submitted by:
  • March 15 to be considered for summer semester internships
  • July 1 to be considered for fall semester internships
  • October 15 to be considered¬†for spring semester internships
If you have specific questions, feel free to email the coordinator: internships@museum.msu.edu.

Review Criteria and Process: 

Decisions are made on a revolving basis by the primary supervisor and the coordinator of MSU Museum interns. Selections are made based on appropriateness of candidate to position and availability of internship opportunities (some internships are limited in number at any one time or are only available for specific seasons).