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Agriculture and Rural Life

FairTime! America's Fairs, Livestock Heritage and Horse Racing

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FairTime! is a combination of three exhibits from The Fair Publishing House collection. America's Fairs Educating Communities, Livestock Heritage Serving A Nation and Horse Racing An Early FairTime Entertainment can be rented individally or you can host the full story with FairTime! America's agricultural fairs focused on educating farmers and their families and in doing so created a continuing annual American tradition. Reproductions of artworks, created between 1880 - 1920 to promote county and state fairs, illustrate the emergence of a unique educational fair in America where competition was the vehicle to inform and to inspire, strengthening a national industry--agriculture.

America's Fairs Educating Communities is possible through the donation of the unique collection of The Fair Publishing House, Inc. (Norwalk, Ohio). These artworks provide a wonderful window into the past depicting not only our fairs, but livestock, fashion and exhibition architecture of the period.

A second version of this exhibit is on semi-permanent display at the Tollgate Education Center & Farm in Novi, MI.


No current bookings. This exhibit is available.

  Rental fee $3,000, plus shipping
  Number of pieces: 62
  Running feet required: 850 square feet, plus 200 linear feet of wall space
  Insurance Value: $30,000
  Security requirement: Lockable, limited access display area; trained guards or comparable protection system; provisions to prevent public from touching objects; object handling by museum professionals; temperature and light controls; fire protection according to local ordinances
  Additional materials available: Press materials.


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