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Great Lakes Native Quilting

Signage, other Graphic Elements and Props

Text Panels (all 19" x 30", framed)
Color & Design in Great Lakes Native Quilting
Quilting: An Art Adopted by Native Peoples
Stars & Woodland Indian Floral Designs

Quilt Object Labels/Freestanding Barriers (all stand approx. 3' tall, wooden bases, assembly required)

Donald Trudeau/Paula White, 41" x 13"
Joan Clark, 41" x 13"
Agnes Shawnessi, 49" x 13"
Melinda J. Doxtator, 49" x 13"
Rita Fairbanks, 49" x 13"
Alice Olsen Williams, 49" x 13"
Mrs. Ogahmahgegedo, 49" x 13"
Alice Fox, Rita Corbiere and Floyd Fox, 49" x 13"
Rita Corbiere, 49" x 13"
Chris Haraburda, 49" x 13"
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indian Elders, 49" x 13"
Historical Photograph Blow-Ups (all approx. 60" x 48", mounted on gator foam)
Baby Swing
Lady Near Bed
Shawl Dancer
Fishing Shanty
Other Graphics
Canoe/Title Banner (approx. 90" wide, vinyl)

Swing Cradle (ropes and pillow)
Goes with Indian Headdress Quilt by Rita Corbiere, et al (7501.1) and image of baby; will extend 5 - 8 feet

Twin Bed
Goes with Star Quilt by Violet Harder (7031.1) and image of woman sewing; 38" wide x 41" tall (headboard height) x 42" long

Lawn Chair
Goes with image of pow wow dancer; 22" wide x 30" tall x 22" deep

Fishing Shanty
Goes with Eagle Star Quilt by Rita Corbiere (TC 9) and image of ice fishing shanty; 82" tall x ~42" diameter

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